UPDATE: Cheap Thrill Snow #1

What? A weak wave off-shore will be building moisture up the coast. A slap of rain change over to snow later in the night/morning hours. Followed by an upper-level low coming down from Central PA will create a corridor of snow from an inverted trough from Central PA to SE PA and Northern Delaware. This could create a period of steadier snow tomorrow morning.  YAWN!

How much? Coatings to two inches statewide. Lesser amounts down in southern half of the state. There could be a surprise somewhere getting more than two inches.  Doubt it.  Boundary temperature layers will be too warm to have snow stay.  YAWN!  There is no bust factor because this can’t bust. There may be nothing to work with. Boom potential if it goes above 1.5 inches I will ROOT FOR THE PATRIOTS!  YAWN! 

Start Time? 5AM-7AM tomorrow morning lasting throughout the afternoon. Ending about 2-3pm. YAWN! 

Impact Meter:  1  out of 5..This is a nuisance event.  Nothing more.  YAWN!

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