The Culprits Of A “Super” Opportunity

Super Bowl Rainstorm Set-Up. High to the SE moves off-shore taking any cold air with it. A storm forms down south. And the REAL cold air is boxed in up north and cannot escape down to the East Coast. Thus, not providing us with any fresh cold air.

It’s Thursday. The Super Bowl is Sunday. Four days is still a decent way off. Things could change, but it’s becoming increasingly clear the Super Bowl Storm for the I-95 Corridor is not going to be one for us.Instead of a nice, healthy dumping of heavy snow which would amount to 6+ inches will result in more than .40-.60 of cold rain.  The culprits of this crime of stealing this storm for us is not Bill Belichick or Tom Brady. It’s plain cold weather/cold air. There won’t be enough of it around for this thing to give us a decent snowstorm. 

Culprit #1: Cold Air: Even though it will be very cold Friday and Saturday, the cold air starts to leave us on Sunday. The High pressure off the Carolina coast starts to head out to sea. (See Graphic). Although, not in the greatest of places, the HP, if it were to stay, would leave the cold weather in place as moisture comes up the coast.  The really cold air is all boxed up in Canada and enough of it won’t be displaced so it could drain into the East Coast to provide a FRESH injection of colder air.  This will be replaced by SE winds which will warm up the coastal areas with warmer air. Although still cold, it’s not cold enough to support snow through the layers of the atmosphere.  The only other way we could get colder air is for the storm to form off the Carolina coast and eject NE not hug the coast. Chances of that happening are as about as slim the Eagles scoring 48 points on Sunday. 

Culprit #2: Track of the Storm: This IS about as close to a snowstorm track as you could get. However, the low will track west and transfer its energy to the coast. Yet, it will get too close to the coast and is further inland. That’s a bad track. It invites the warmer air to fill the coastal plain. So, for areas from eastern Virginia to New York it’s all rain by game time of the Super Bowl.  As the game is ending it’s probably raining hard. 

Culprit #3: No Blocking:  There is no HIGH PRESSURE over N. Maine to keep the cold air in place. It’s THAT simple.

Storm comes up the coast and turns whatever precipitation we have into rain on the east side and snow on the west side inland.

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