I think it’s pretty telling from the graphic that Winter is on the critical condition list in the Mid-Atlantic. South of the black line it’s pretty telling that we will be snow-starved for at least the next ten days. The coastal areas on the NY and NJ shores saw their winter earlier this season. However, the big urban areas: Philadelphia, Washington D.C., etc.. have seen what amounts to nothing. Washington D.C. has at this writing 4.5 inches of snow. They usually only get like 14.5  but unless something monumental comes along they are going to fall far short.

Philadelphia has seen about a foot of snow so far. That’s way under their average of 22.

NYC has done pretty well, but aside from the January blizzard has seen scant amounts.

Every winter it picks its spots. It goes through an early phase then changes to a later phase. It seems this winter wants to crush the coastal areas earlier in the winter, and now has changed to interior areas.

Could there be a surprise save in the last 5.5 weeks and the urban areas get whacked? Yes, but doubtful.  The pattern has been too progressive and short on stretches of cold weather.

It’s getting to be borrowed time after the 15th of this month.  We started out well and were out ahead until after the January blizzard. Except for some flakes, we haven’t seen anything for over a month. In Delaware,  we have about 11 inches on average for the current season. We’re not far from our average which is about 20. I said 15 inches at the beginning of the winter. That looks to be where we might settle.

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