WATER..WE NEED WATER!! Delaware is “Abnormally” DRY

Just for a change of pace, instead of talking about snow, the real enemy to us is the lack of water. 59% of the state is under an “Abnormally” dry period. If we want to compare us to the nation we’re sort of in the same ship as the rest of the country. Except for Amarillo, Texas which has gone 110 days without rain or snow. Yes, it snows in Texas.  That is pretty extreme.  There isn’t any reasonable explanation for it except the La Nina pattern we’ve been in where the jet streams are very progressive and lack staying power in an area for very long to give it a good dousing.  Also, we usually get Gulf moisture in the winter late in the season which helps. However, we haven’t been lucky in that department either. Too many storms track north and west of us.

In our area; meanwhile, you know what precipitation we’ve been getting. And it has been very cold this winter but bone dry. Less than a foot of snow and we really haven’t had a decent rainstorm except for Sunday which left a good soaking. That will certainly help. We need some more!


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