Winter Event: Tuesday Night-Wednesday Morning

The main area of concern would be Northern Delaware. Freezing rain could hold on as we have a fresh cold air mass holding on as the warmer air comes further north.

One thing I can say about this one: Messy. We have a system that is kind of a carbon copy of Sunday’s system but showing signs of it being a bit colder than Sunday’s rain event. This is a warm-air advection system where you have warm air clashing with colder air and it’s fresh cold air mass. There will be a High to our north which is modeled to be pretty strong which will funnel cold air down the mountains. This will be a tough air mass to kick out. So, as the system starts we could have a shot of snow which would be quickly followed by a period of freezing rain then eventually go to all rain after 11am. 

Here is the timeline:  1. Start time: 5-7am 

                                        2.  How much? Coating to an inch of snow followed by freezing rain. Rain will be everywhere after 11am. 

                                         3. Mostly Rain after 11am ending later in the evening around 8-9pm. 

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