What a 48-hour swing we are going to have in the next two days! We are going from the mid 50’s and rain today to clear, sunny, and down to the mid 30’s tomorrow followed by a moderate snow event on Saturday night.  Then we climb to almost 70 by Tuesday.  No that’s not a typo.

Now, this is not going to be a widespread 6-10 inch storm. It could if there was enough cold air around and blocking highs to the north, but since we will have cold air entrenched here we will get something.

A system from the SW will be moving NE and provide a swath of snow that will impact the area late Saturday night into Sunday morning. There are still track issues and P-type issues. Yet, models trended colder especially the EURO and NAM which seem to have the best handle on this system.  Most of northern Delaware from Middletown on north will have some temp issues to start, but as the evening wears on snow will accumulate. There could be some mixing issues, but if trends move towards a colder solution it could stay all snow through the event.  And if we get heavier banding we could see a lot more.

I’m going with a local 2-4 inches. I’m leaning more towards 3, but if trends move colder today we could get as much as 5-6. That would be the extreme for this event.

The snow is out of here by 1-2am with some lingering snow showers.







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