Oh, to live on the FALL LINE! Isn’t it fun with systems like this? It’s a fact of life for winters around here as long as anyone of us has been living here.

Essentially, the “Fall Line” is the freezing line. In any snow storm where that line sets up who gets rain and who gets snow. It’s the “Infamous” I-95 line. If you live north of the line, you will get snow. If you are below it you won’t get snow.  It’s really that simple. Now, you can be at 33-35 degrees and still get snow, but dynamic cooling has to take place during the storm in order for there to be intense snow. Also, vorticity in upward motion increases the chances of significant snow. Again, where you are above that line is significant as to who gets what.

So, tomorrow’s system is even more precarious because that rain/snow line will make all the difference between who gets mostly rain, or mainly snow, or a mix.  Don’t be surprised for there to be a surprise spot of 4 inches somewhere. However, most accumulations will be from 1-3. If your well north of the line, it probably will be all snow. Yet, this is a quick hitter. It will be GONE in under 7 hours tomorrow night.

Start Time: 4PM-5PM

End Time: 1 AM

Heaviest Period: 8pm-1AM


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