TUESDAY: Minor Impacts from Storm…Snow Squalls Wednesday

Well, whatever is on the ground or not is what it is. I’m done with this storm. It’s a non-issue. One more picture of a map from Boston showing how much snow they are going to get I just might, you know.  Seriously, we’ve had that much but they act like they are the only ones ever to get 1.5 feet or more of snow. I’ve learned a lot this winter. I’m better for it.  We continue!

Minor impacts this morning. Be careful. Drive carefully. Remember, it’s not you the other person on their cell phone’s fault (ha, ha)

Ok, as far as the rest of today and the week the outliner forecast is below. It’s going to stay cool/cold.  Be aware of snow squalls on Wednesday morning. The storm will be spinning north and it’s a beast so it will be ripping up the atmosphere and will produce snow squalls. It looks like a wall coming at you and can lay a quick bunch of snow on cold roads quickly.

I’m taking a break. We all need a break. Three major Nor’easters in 10 days. Two of which were impactful for our area. Late nights, crunching data, etc.. It’s time for a break.  It’s time for the NCAA BB Tournament. Go, Nova!  It’s Flyers time getting ready for the playoffs.

I will be back with the Wild Weather Picture Wednesday and the Sunday Slide on Sunday.  Wednesday is just a crazy picture. I’m thinking a picture from the city of Boston entirely under snow.

Thank you all for your comments. Thanks for just following me. Just thank you all.

Adios until Sunday!

screenshot (33)

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