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One of these days it will be 80 degrees and I’ll be sitting on my back deck thinking “HOW THE HECK DID WE GET 4 NOR’EASTERS IN AS MANY WEEKS IN ONE MONTH?”  

Well, as the marquee says odds are growing that we see another major storm impact the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. There are too many moving parts to nail down one aspect of this yet formed storm, but every storm has its characteristics.

This one looks to be long in duration. It could start Tuesday as rain, go to snow/mix late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Snow all day Wednesday and end sometime Wednesday night. In terms, of snowfall totals, we’re not going to pin down anything right now. It’s way too early. However, we should all start to think and prepare for travel disruptions Tuesday-Thursday of next week. More details later this weekend.

Oh, and I’M BACK!! :} I actually rested. I’m ready for another round. Here we go!

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