Happy Easter! Happy Spring-Winter??????


It’s blessed Good Friday! Hope you enjoy the time off this weekend. I want you all to have a nice, happy Easter. In the meantime, Mother Nature for some reason doesn’t want to let go of cool, cold weather patterns.  And that’s what we may have next week.

I might have to be called into service late next week as we have an active week of wet precipitation but also early April cold.  The graphics you see are just that- a graphic. It only shows a possible wintry threat late next weekend. A very strong system from the west will be humming through the country and as it charges up way up north. Normally, a system like this would just deliver rain. However, with cold air still in place, its been evident that models are picking up on a late-season wintry mix bagged of snow N@W of 95 and what would amount to a cold rain or freezing rain for areas S@E of 95. 

screenshot (6)  All in all, I would say don’t worry about it until later next week.  Winter really just doesn’t want to give up!


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