The potential for weekend snow at this stage is just that potential. Yet, this isn’t good potential. It’s unwanted potential. Folks, this has just got to stop! Yet, this can still happen even this late first few weeks of meteorological Spring. The responsible party for this recent wave of wintry weather has been the Arctic express. Cold air from Canada has just been seeping down and has pretty much dominated the northern part of the country.

This weekend the set-ups are the temperatures at 850mb or about 2,000 feet in the air. Look just above your house at a plane flying into an airport and that’s about how high that is.  The red line represents 0 degrees Celsius or 32F. Look where that line is. It’s down way into North Carolina. The black line represents about 8-9 degrees Celsius or what would be roughly 15-16 degrees F.  So, any precipitation coming into this cold air is cold enough to fall as snow. Yet, remember that ALL levels of the atmosphere have to be cold enough to support snow.  The system coming in over the weekend will come in overnight on Saturday and will have the ability to accumulate. How much and how hard it snows will depend on what accumulations we may get.

Stay tuned!


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