April has started and it seems like March’s weather has just rolled right April.  Two sections of the country tell a different tale. In the southern half, Spring has arrived! Yet,   wintry precipitation has maintained its hold up north and it looks to stick around at least through the middle of the month.  Spring will come! Maybe by May!


The northern half of the country is still waiting for Spring while the southern half has already gotten a head start.  This is projected snowfall through the middle of April per one model.


September 11th, 2001: Hurricane Erin missed the East Coast

First in a series of posts about how weather impacted events in our history.

September 11th, 2001 was a day we would like to forget. Yet, just like a lot of historical events in history, weather played a critical role.

The surface map shows the weather map at 7am on September 11th, 2001.  In the blue, we can see a massive round high-pressure system in the Mid-West this gave us and most of the country a beautiful, clear blue sky day. In red is a cold front that had moved through the night before which actually gave NYC rain that night. Also, just to the east in the Atlantic was Hurricane Erin. Erin was threatening the East Coast until that cold front swept it way out to sea.  It’s very possible that IF that cold front had not pushed through Erin would have threatened the East Coast with at least high, thick clouds all down the Eastern seaboard. This could have either thrown off the attackers and given authorities more time to uncover the attack. It was close to being a ring for the FBI and CIA.  They were about to grab some of the attackers.

Yet, it was a beautiful sunny day.  Hurricane Erin missed the East Coast.

Until 8:46am.  Born on that day were 2,996 angels.


screenshot (4)
Surface Map for September 11th 2001




Ahh! The peace of no major weather to concern ourselves with over the weekend. Snow will be melting at an electric fast rate. I looked out my window yesterday afternoon and I thought to myself “Didn’t we have a major snowstorm yesterday?” So, that will continue this weekend.

It will be a nice weekend. No threat of rain, or snow. You see that other system that was scaring some people this past week dropping from Canada will make a turn but will go well OTS (Out To Sea). Not to impact us at all.  No 5th Nor’easter for us. We are done.

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Enjoy the weekend. Unless we have some threat to speak of weather-wise, ENJOY your weekend. I will be back Sunday with the Sunday slide. Adios!

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