Ahh! The peace of no major weather to concern ourselves with over the weekend. Snow will be melting at an electric fast rate. I looked out my window yesterday afternoon and I thought to myself “Didn’t we have a major snowstorm yesterday?” So, that will continue this weekend.

It will be a nice weekend. No threat of rain, or snow. You see that other system that was scaring some people this past week dropping from Canada will make a turn but will go well OTS (Out To Sea). Not to impact us at all.  No 5th Nor’easter for us. We are done.

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Enjoy the weekend. Unless we have some threat to speak of weather-wise, ENJOY your weekend. I will be back Sunday with the Sunday slide. Adios!

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UPDATE: Well, Good Morning Delaware! HAPPY  SPRING! 

We have a Major Snowstorm coming our way tonight into tomorrow. And overnight the stakes just went up a little. The whole state is in play now.  Even downstate near the beaches where we thought it would be mostly white rain is now in the picture of at least 2-4 inches of snow. 

We have a Winter Storm Warning posted. That means “RUN!” No, just hunker down and enjoy the ride tomorrow. Stay inside, warm, and cozy! More details later. Have a great day!

NEW CASTLE COUNTY (TALLEYVILLE to SMYRNA) +6-10 inches of mostly snow. Localized spots could see upwards of a foot of snow. 

KENT COUNTY (SMYRNA TO GEORGETOWN) +4 to 6 inches of mostly snow but you might take longer to change over to snow due to temperatures at the onset of the storm. Localized spots could see up to 8 inches. 

SUSSEX COUNTY (GEORGETOWN TO THE BEACHES) +2 to 4 inches. You might struggle to reach the higher end but places away from the beaches could see the 4+. 

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UPDATE: This is for the first system Monday night into Tuesday. Now, we will be dealing with moderate temperatures to start. So, unless it comes down hard Monday night we won’t have a lot of accumulation Tuesday morning. Yet, as the system starts to intensify heading off the coast we will pick up additional accumulation but it will be slushy snow. Tuesday night we could get some additional accumulation as the system pulls in colder air.  So, in general, a slushy 1-4 inches down to Dover. Messy. CONFIDENCE METER: LOW   BUST METER: HIGH

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