The reason why I waited ALL DAY yesterday until I made a first and final call was that of the difference between a major snowstorm for us and a “nothing” scenario was this graphic.  At one point in the afternoon yesterday, one model showed an early phasing that would have allowed us to have a major snowstorm. That quickly faded.

There was no question that there would be a storm. There was no question we would get some snow. It was a matter of how the two streams phased. In the first graphic, you can see the northern stream and southern stream.  They remain separate. So, therefore, it allows the southern stream to drift out to sea quicker.

screenshot (30)

The second graphic shows how the two streams interact. In this scenario, they do phase but it’s WAY too late for the Mid-Atlantic. The two streams would have had to phase earlier before the southern stream escapes out to sea. This would have allowed the southern stream to gain some latitude and pull the moisture closer to the coast.  Thus, the difference between a coating to an inch/two or 6 inches is what is shown below. And that is winter life in our neck of the woods.

screenshot (32)



The storm is right on track. Righ now, we are in the heaviest banding. From now until about 3 or 4 snowfall rates will equate about an inch an hour. I’ve taken a GOES picture of the storm. It’s off the coast of NJ and the Delmarva. The GFS was oh so wrong. It’s further east and colder solution as modeled by the EURO and NAM. So, enjoy! I’ll make a video very soon.

screenshot (8)


Planting-Zone-7 PLANT NOW! That’s the word. Depending on where you live planting is a year around chore for farmers and regular urban planters.  In our “ZONE” according to a map on the site, now is a good time to start. On deck for February are peas, broccoli, and cauliflower.  And since the soil has been enriched with all this rain we’ve been having this month it is nice and saturated.  And more is on the way for this weekend. Now, if you are like most urban planters and you wait until the winter frost has waned than most veggies are ripe to be planted. Kale looks like you can plant anytime except for the middle parts of the summer. Yet, to get good Kale get it into the ground early.  So, rush out and buy those seeds. The ground is awaiting your gifts to it! :}